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Our mission

Why wain?

Because we believe in a better quality of life, a quality of life which is sustainable and linked to greater efficiency.

Wain's mission

More comfort, more simplicity, and more efficiency for our users


We all need energy for our domestic use. Traditionally we depended on external sources to supply us all the energy we needed. Technology is allowing us to increasingly achieve independence in terms of our energy needs and today it is possible to build homes with almost zero external energy usage. In Wain we help you to become more energy independent, thus reducing your bills since they rely less on external sources such as the price of electricity, oil or gas.

The common good and sustainability

In Wain we strongly believe in business activities compatible with the common good and the sustainability of our way of life within our environment. That’s why we want to promote a new sector which doesn’t depend on consumerism, on the contrary, our goal is that our customers use as little energy as possible, thus not only optimizing their energy savings, but also adaptating their homes to impact on the environment as little as possible.

Therefore wain helps the sustainability of the personal economies of our users, the sustainability of business with respect to environmental impact and the sustainability of the energy needs of the whole of society.



Respect for the environment

In Wain, we believe that respect for the environment should be paramount to any business. Thus Wain not only looks to achieve economic advantages and comfort for our users, but also that these improvements actively and directly contribute to the improvement and preservation of the environment. Every time a home works with Wain and becomes one of our users, it is reducing the amount of CO2 that is discharged into the atmosphere.

Did you know...?

Contra la subida del precio de la electricidad…

...puede protegerse

El precio de la factura eléctrica ha subido espectacularmente en los últimos años. Como bien sabrá, es una tendencia que lejos de frenarse, sigue manteniéndose. Todos vemos como año tras año nos suben el precio de la electricidad. Por eso cuanto antes tome medidas de eficiencia energética, más ahorro conseguirá. Protéjase desde ya de estas subidas y empiece a disfrutar de un hogar eficiente.

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